Nathan is an experienced and highly sought after presenter and educator whom regularly presents for the Australian Strength and Conditioning Level 1 and Level 2 courses. He presents on a wide variety of Strength and Conditioning and Sport Science related topics as part of the ASCA coaching accreditation. Nathan has lectured for the ASCA since 2011 and has positively influenced the development of hundreds of aspiring coaches and practicioners during this period.

Nathan also presents for the Australian Catholic University as part of their Exercise Science course. Nathan has presented on the following conditioning related topics since 2014 – Aerobic & Anaerobic Fitness testing and Aerobic & Anaerobic conditioning application.


Nathan has delivered presentations at the following Conferences and Seminars

2020 – Science for Sport Presentation (Conditioning Periodisation for Team Sports) for the Coach Academy Program
2020 – Science for Sport Presentation (Maximal Aerobic Speed) for the Coach Academy program
2017 – Australian Athletic Development Conference
2016 – ASCA “Aerobic Conditioning” workshop
2014 – Australian Strength and Conditioning International Conference on S&C
2014 – Strength and Conditioning coach education seminar at Maribyrnong Sports Academy
2013 – ACHPER Conference
2013 – Barwon Sports Academy Coaches Confernece
2012 – State Institute Sport Science & Physiology Conference


Nathan has vast experience delivering a wide variety of conditioning presentations which improve the attendees ability to not only understand the underpinning theory, but practically apply it with their respective sports and athletes.

Nathan has recently hosted three online conditioning workshops covering a wide variety of topics:

– What is Maximal Aerobic Speed (MAS)
– How do you accurately determine MAS
– Field based tests to determine MAS
– Objective running conditioning prescription
– What is high intensity interval training (HIIT)?
– HIIT vs. other training types (continuous, fartlek, cross training)
– Why is HIIT so effective at improving aerobic fitness
– Why is aerobic fitness important for performance
– What can team sports learn from endurance sports?
– Pre-season vs. inseason conditioning
– Conditioning periodisation

The workshops were devised in sequential manner, with each of the workshops progressing into the subsequent workshop. This has been done as to ensure that attendees have a sound comprehension of the underpinning theoretical knowledge prior to delving into the prescription and periodisation.

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TCC is regularly engaged by professional sporting teams, sport institutes and sub-elite sporting clubs to provide his Strength and Conditioning and Sport Science expertise to aid performance and mitigate injury risk.

TCC can be engaged to consult on the following areas:

-Age appropriate and movement competency based programs
-Pre-season S&C and Sport Science servicing
-Monitoring and guidance of training load
-Field based fitness testing
-Objective running conditioning prescription
-GPS data utilisation and analysis
-Sport specific injury mitigation programs
-Strength training programs
-Cross training programs

If you are interested in TCC’s services, please head to our contact page.